Who we are

ODE Brian Boru Harp
ODE artist rendition of the wire strung “Brian Boru” or “Trinity College” Celtic harp

Ode is a string ensemble from southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island, comprised of harps, bowed psalteries, hammered dulcimer and bodhrán. We are musicians of varied experience, interested in promoting the appreciation of these ancient instruments, as well as the enjoyment and therapeutic benefit of their sounds.

In addition to education and entertainment, Ode performs traditional and sensitive therapeutic music for individual patients, as well as sacred music for Christian worship services.

The size of the ensemble for programs will vary based upon musician availability and venue space allocation.

IMG_1604Ode member, Sandy Pereira, is a Certified Clinical Musician, a graduate of Harp for Healing, which was founded by the harp therapy pioneer, Laurie Riley, and accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. Sandy has a degree in gerontology, hospice training for Connecticut and Rhode Island, is an active volunteer in the community, playing therapeutic harp music bedside for Yale New Haven Health at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London, CT and Beacon Hospice of Rhode Island.

Visit the Harp for Healing website through this link, to see a description and list of Certified Clinical Musicians from around the globe: